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Black Lung

CD "The Grand Chessboard"

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Label: Ant-Zen

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unlike the last black lung release, 'the sound of meat', david thrussell's new opus is strictly instrumental - no voices will be heard except for philipp glass-like samples on 'neither dominion nor exclusion'. the grand chessboard's message: the united states? "divide and rule" strategy - as represented by z.brzezinski's quotes (which are displayed in more detail on the record cover). this message is subliminally transmitted through sound. the early description of black lung's music, "ultra-distorted sound and darkest ambient", has become quite obsolete. the music is less distorted and much more electronica oriented. 'the grand chessboard' is a multilayered masterpiece with a huge variety of rhythmic structures, subliminal dance tunes and precisely set samples. which in turn makes this record a treasure chest for all sound enthusiasts.

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