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CD "Hyena ventilator"

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Label: Ant-Zen

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with this, his first foray into the professional production and distribution of his art, bristol uk's bin ray has found a perfect partner in his ambitions to further the sound of electronic music. like twins separated at birth out of some terrible scheme of eugenics, the two come together as though drawn like rats of the same rhythm toward the melodic catharsis both had been yearning for so long to express. free to explore the boundaries of the full length format, zod has given him formidable room for interpretation within his unique voice and bin ray does not disappoint. from the strains of his first chorus to its final measure, a work of true melodic talent emerges with intricacies that could only have come from long hours of confinement, absorbing inhuman amounts of monitor radiation from the cathode ray to produce the tangible result of an obsessive perfectionism of craft with a breadth of emotion seldom heard.

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