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CD "Judgement Day"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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Audio CD 19 Tracks. BALZAC – Doomsday is not far away… It’s been already a year since BALZAC released their last album ‘Paradox’ in Europe, but Hirosuke and his bandmates are true diehards – just like the creatures they deal with in their songs and so there is a new album on the way: ‘Judgement Day’ promises a lot of fear and destruction the way BALZAC fans love it – and it’s true! BALZAC return to their roots with singalong hooklines and fast pace drumming! But there is also improvement: The songs ‘Blackened’ and ‘Judgement Day’ present an increase of fierce guitar melodies, which will catch your ear in a second! The European also includes 5 bonus tracks NOT available in Japan in this form

Bonus Tracks: 15. Blackened, 16. Japanese Chaos, 17. XXXxxx, 18. Astro Zombies, 19. I turned into a Martian

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