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Bad Sector

CD "Transponder [+bonus]"

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Label: Infinite Fog

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Science experiment as pagan ritual...! Who really needs a presentation for Bad Sector? Certainly almost no one. Since 1995, each and every singular new album by this project is a true ‚event’ that is eagerly awaited by all seriious listeners of true ‚industrial’ sound! And now, finally and long awaited, comes a much overdue Re-release on CD of one of the most interesting albums by Italian industrial master Massimo Magrini, aka BAD SECTOR! The seminal, influential album ‚Transponder’ was first released as a CD-r on Blade Records in 1999 but available for a very short time only. This new version makes this materpiece finally available again, and including additional, exclusive compositions of the same period, the tracks "Yst" and "Waal"! ‚Transponder’ offers more than 60 minutes or dark, deep, meditative, structured noise-ambient, in the best traditions of Dolmen Factory and Ampos...

01. Negative, 02. GruHiu, 03. Alexander 1922, 04. Npoi, 05. Ou, 06. Transponder, 07. Maria 1954, 08. S2000, 09. Pnla, 10. Enemy, 11. Yst, 12. Waal

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