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CD "Good infection"

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Label: Dark Vinyl

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After joining forces with World Serpent Distribution (London) in 1995 four studio albums resulted, Holy Fire (1996), Isles of the Blest (1997), Anthems from the Pleasure Park (1999), Of Silver Sleep (2001) and a live album, The Fourth Wall (2001). Backworld`s albums and early performances have featured a changing roster of players but the course is still steered by Josephs constant vision. Arrangements of guitar, strings, percussion, flutes, electronics, revolve around lyrics concerned with ecstatic religious yearnings and otherworldly visions. GOOD INFECTION was created between August 2001 and March 2007. It was recorded in New York and Glasgow, enlisting the talents of Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian, Gentle Waves), David Tibet (Current 93) and Drew McDowall (Coil) to contribute vocals and other textures to the sessions

01. New Light, 02. Come Sunday Morn, 03. Gentle Rain, 04. Lady of Sorrows, 05. Damaged Angel, 06. Between two Worlds, 07. Seeds of Love, 08. Immaculate child, 09. Three reflections, 10. Divine love befalls, 11. What lies behind, 12. The infection

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