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CD "Shades"

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Thes seminal and highly successful ‘Celeano Fragments’ was followed in 1991 by “Shades” – an album full of darkness and at the same time an impressive proof of the bands maturity. This re-release comes in entirely re-mastered sound quality and with seven bonus tracks. ‘Shades’ is the missing link between their debut and the legendary project’s all new album!

01. Shades of a dream, 02. XVI-XVII-XVIII, 03. La curée, 04. Bittersweetness, 05. Nohm-bô, 06. Madness strides along, 07. Lo-hi, 08. A prayer, 09. Bittersweetmixness, 10. In distress, Bonus tracks: 11. Angels of TV (alt.version), 12. Shades of a dream (alt.version), 13. Les hommes de pierre (alt.version), 14. Love lasts forever (alt.version), 15. Der Opfer, 16. Lo mi hi, 17. Come into hell (Hate mix)

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