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Babel 17

CD "The Ice Wall"

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Label: Infrastation

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Babel 17 started their career in college years in 1983, but their first album was released 1990 only through the famous Lively Art (a New Rose sublabel): “Celeano Fragments” (re-released by Infrastition some time ago), followed by the as brilliant ‘Shades’ the year after. We had to wait for 18 years, to see (or hear) this band breaking their long silence with an ALL NEW album! On ‘The Ice Wall’ Babel 17 conjugate, re-invent and develop the typical Babel sonorities with a new, fresh and updated pro-duction. As such ‘The Ice Wall’ is a more than valid addition to the band’s musical mood of past years and nowadays concerns. An unexpected and highly welcome return for this legendary act!

01. It Seems so easy, 02. Life is just a Fairy Tale, 03. So hard to live, 04. Knights and Castles, 05. Odin’s hour, 06. Sorrow and tears, 07. We stand alone, 08. Together in the bubble, 09. (Still) in quest, 10. I’ve lost my mind, 11. Mind reprise, ‘Aetheriel Suite’: 12. Athabascan, 13. New Moon, 14. Pleasure & Music, 15. Unknown Pleasures, 16. Sonic Wizard, 17. December

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