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MCD "My Revenge on the world"

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Label: Alfa Matrix

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Canadian singer Jennifer Parkin has become a true icon on the electronic scene with her unique writing style and personality. After her departure from EPSILON MINUS, she shook the foundation of the scene with the extravagant Débris album of her solo-project AYRIA. After having performed several guest vocal collaborations and extensively toured North America the last year with AYRIA, the time has come for Jennifer to take her revenge on,the world with her new 10-track ep, an exploding appetiser before her forthcoming Flicker album. This time, AYRIA mixes straight old-school EBM with harsh elektro while still giving a nod to electro-clash. It`s under a kitsch pink cover that hides the true essence of this very dark and edgy EP revealing the impressive vocal range of sexy and sassy Miss Parkin at her best.

01. My Revenge On The World, 02. Infiltrating My Way Through The System, 03. Cutting (Cycletribe Mix), 04. My Revenge On The World (Jamie Kidd Mix), 05. Infiltrating My Way Through The System (November Process Mix), 06. Cutting (PTIncision Mix), 07. My Device (8kHzMono Mix), 08. My Revenge On The World (Fractured Mix), 09. Infiltrating My Way Through The System (Steril Mix), 10. Cutting (Daniel X Mix)

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