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CD "I went out shopping to get some noise"

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Label: Hymen

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ever prolific, haujobb's daniel myer returns for a second album as architect, i went out shopping to get some noise. myer's previous architect album, 1998s galactic supermarket, leant toward the darker threads of technoid drum'n'bass (panacea, tarmvred, etc). for i went out shopping to get some noise, myer reigns in the breaks to toss down thirteen mind-bendingly tight electro-acid-industrial-techno cuts, each bearing myer's signature dark flair and impeccable production. comparisons range from afx and caustic window on 'track 7' to emotive digital synthpop like early autechre on 'track 5.' not to be outdone by other sample-aholics, myer ensnares the ultimate - beethoven's moonlight sonata - and contorts it into a neo-romantic opus on 'track 6.' if this is what myer means by noise, the rest of the musical world has a lot of catching up to do to touch architect. available: again !!!

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