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CD "Still Outcast"

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Label: Alfa Matrix

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ANTIWORLD from Portland, Oregon, USA combine Horrorpunk and Death Rockelements like no other! They whisk these flavoring ingredients together in a large bowl and the result tastes absolutely delicious. An unique cocktail named "STILL OUTCAST" - be prepared to take risks! 1,2,3,4 stompers meet Gothic smashers like the amazing "Goddess of the Silent Screen". GRANNY FIENDISH, FORTY-FIVE FRANK, RAVENSCRAFT and TOMBSTONE TONY aka ANTIWORLD are back - scary, weird, ingenious! As bonus the album contains four spine-tingling videoclips.

01. Legend of the Wolfman, 02. Butcher of Whitechapel, 03. Dr. West, 04. Down at the club, 05. Still Outcast, 06. Goddess of the silent screen, 07. Tormented Soul, 08. 2012, 09. Drunk & Disorderly, 10. 5 Across the Eyes, 11. All the Lessons, 12. Hot Rod Hearse, 13. The Unending Thirst of the Damned, +Bonus Videoclips: 14. Don't be afraid of the Dark 2004, 15. Deadtime Stories 2004, 16. Horror High 2005, 17. Still Outcast 2007

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