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Andrey Kiritchenko

CD "Interplays, in between"

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Label: Ad Noiseam

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andrey kiritchenko presents here is second album, which crowns the progress and incessant activity of this kharkov, ukraine based musician. if his first album "kniga skazok" was andrey kiritchenko's interpretation of traditional fairy tales, "interplays, in between" presents the bridge between the two sonic fields dear to this artist. on the one hand, this album features the precise clicks, sharp glitch and touching melodies that can be found on his earlier recording, and, on the other hand, we hear here the very subtle use of field recordings, distorted voices and unusual use of strings instruments which have been witnessed by this musician's live audience. andrey kiritchenko demonstrates here how electronic and acoustic music can meet and mix without loosing their particularities. emotional music without easy pop kitschness, gritty frequencies made human. 10 charming tracks of frequencies, beats & bits that confirm his status of confirmed value of nowadays' electronic composer.

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