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Ambassador 21

CD "Weight of Death"

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Label: Ant-Zen

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musically based on massive industrial sound with obvious punk influences, 'weight of death' brings more heavy breaks, flailing noisy straight beats, ferocious screams of natasha in russian and english language. psychodelic guitar riffs by ctrler and painful a la godflesh-bass guitars by mark kammerbauer make it possible to say: you are dealing with the best ambassador21 album ever. converter collaborated with ambassador21 in 'new doctrine about trinity II', in collaboration with mothboy - 'winter trip 2' - ambassador21 create a big surprise for their fans, with a nice slow breakbeat-trip roger rotor collaborated with ambassador21 in 'delete the elite', which was produced with backing-vocals by proyecto mirage, synapscape, rasputeen, asche and ctrler and sure, the album has some kind of hot hits, as punk/industrial hymns like 'batman vs. elvis' and 'my little freedom', or the dancefloor massacre track 'smith-and-wesson'.

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