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DCD "Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli"

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Label: Infinite Fog

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"Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli" is a 6 years long trip back home. The band wrote the songs on CD1 "Fiabe Di Rugiada" (Dew's fairytales) back in 2006-2007 and each song was naturally infused with a deep sense of longing for a lost world of happiness and innocence. These songs are not just a collection of precious childhood's memories, but something more. It's like looking at our lives through our children's eyes. A child knows how love should be: true, loyal, and constant. Do we know the same now that we are grown up? The band about the CD: "We played these songs in our 2007-2008 concerts and still we were not ready to record this album, as if we had to better understand the songs, to really dig deep into them. In Spring 2011 we finally felt it was time to track down the new album. It was a long process, with many different choices and solutions, and a new deeper sound never obtained before by Albireon but still something was missing, like a last step to reach home. A second album, the "twin" of "Fiabe Di Rugiada", was born in few weeks in the shape of "Fiabe Di Vento" (Wind's fairytales). A handful of new songs and selected earlier tracks, sung in the eerie and hieratic dialect of Val d'Asta (a small valley of Emilian Appennine Mountains), were assembled quickly and efficiently to tell timeless tales of long forgotten childhood's laughter in summer woods, ancient paths and mountain's evil spirits, in a rough jewel of true folk ballads and dances: a tribute to a land we love and a language slowly dying. "Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli" is definitely a call for the voices of the soul, the will to keep alive our most precious inner self, our hearts, roots and heritage. It's our path through the fear of the Black Sun and hope in the soothing light of the day. Now we are really back home!" 

CD1: 01. Girotondo, 02. Nel nido dei ragni funamboli, 03. Anime d'Autunno, 04. Distanze, 05. Il deserto del Tartari, 06. Prima del buio, 07. Linea d'ombra, 08. Novena, 09. Acrobati, 10. Fiabe di Rugiada, 11. Lucciole, CD2: 01. Al cimiter di fulet, 02. La fola de vent, 03. Luminarie, 04. Neva, 05. Nineta, 06. Sinter d'inveren, 07. La Spusa de Strium, 08. Falene

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