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CD "Mannequins"

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Label: Caustic Records

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"One gloomy destiny...one ancient desire...two unemotional mannequins...one burning passion... to share" [inspired by a real mid-autumn dream]. The italian Oniric duo, in the names of Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro), returns to the stage with this second nostalgy-based release, which brings with it atmospheres of ancient and undefined times, flavors of distant and charming worlds, dusty paintings and nocturnal cryptic tales. With the melody as a strength and an elegant arrangements research, the Oniric project keeps unique its sound. All enhanced, once again, with the ethereal vocals featured by Simona Giusti.

01. Mannequin, 02. Found love in a pain(t) (you make me feel), 03. 12Lune, 04. Beyond The others, 05. Tomorrow the sorrow, 06. Suggestions don't cost a penny, 07. Nirvana (you make me sick), 08. Little James (the soldier), 09. My oniric war machine, 10. Requiem for a soldier, 11. Sensazioni, 12. Macabre History

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