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12" Vinyl + Download Card "Crawl"

Artikel-Nr.: 00175085
Label: DWA / DWV (ex DeathWatch Asia)

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“Crawl” is the first “official” single from the current CYGNOSIC album “Fire And Forget” released last year (“This Is The Night” being a kind of “unofficial” video-only one), and has also the distinction of being DWA’s first-ever picturedisc – on heavyweight 180gm 12” vinyl. The A-side of “Crawl” carries the original track specially remastered for vinyl from the album, an extended and exclusive club mix arranged in Athens during the “Fire And Forget” 2013 tour, and a speaker-smashing remix from German beatmaster SOMAN. The other side features no fewer than 3 brand new and exclusive “B-sides” fresh from the mind of Georg Psaroudakis – “Light”, “The Truth” and “Raise Your Hands” – all mixed and mastered at the Mt Olympus production facility of longtime CYGNOSIC collaborator and producer Dimitris N. Douvras. Packed in a clear PVC sleeve to fully display the snake-strewn illustrations of “Crawl”s lyrical themes by DWA lead designer Vlad McNeally, this 100-copies-only package also contains a 12cm (CD-sized) circular vinyl sticker of the A-side design, plus an individually-numbered download card for all 6 tracks PLUS the full 12-track album “Remix And Reflect” - available in FLAC or 320kbps MP3 format. Sticker and download cards also strictly limited to 100 units and available ONLY with this 12”! "Fire And Forget" was accompanied on the twin CD releases by DWA and EU-licensee Black Rain by 3 remixes on each edition. Previously unreleased digitally, these 6 remixes by AAIMON, CHAINREACTOR, GRENDEL,FGFC820, MAS-SI-OSARE and AMGOD form the foundation of this new digital-only release "Remix And Reflect" - augmented by a further 6 new and previously-unreleased remixes from SKINJOB, ACYLUM, STATIK SKY, SIRUS, NYDHOG and SINS OF THE FLESH. Skipping the closing instrumental "Until Glory" and the cover "Mad Desire", "Remix And Reflect" is otherwise a track-by-track mirror of the original "Fire And Forget", each song reimagined by a different remixer and the results presented in the same track order as the original album. Mastered by regular CYGNOSIC engineer Dimitris N. Douvras at Lunatech Sounds Studio in Greece, this new digital-only collection “Remix And Reflect” is the perfect accompaniment to Georg Psaroudakis latest masterpiece of dark electro, casting new light and shadows over the original - bask in the reflected glory.

12”: A1 - Crawl, A2 - Crawl (Club Mix), A3 - Crawl (SOMAN Remix), B1 - Light, B2 - The Truth, B3 - Raise Your Hands, CD "Remix And Reflect", 01. Fire And Forget (SKINJOB Remix)*, 02. Escape (CHAINREACTOR Remix)**, 03. This Is The Night (GRENDEL Remix)**, 04. Alone (STATIK SKY Remix)*, 05. Crawl (NYDHOG Remix)*, 06. The Drowning (ACYLUM Remix)*, 07. Begin With Me (FGFC820 Remix)**, 08. One Last Time (Dynamic Rage Remix by SIRUS)*, 09. Behold The Lie (AAIMON Remix)**, 10. Greed (Powered by MAS-SI-OSARE)**, 11. The Darkness (AMGOD Remix)**, 12. Find You (Taken by SINS OF THE FLESH)*, *previously unreleased, **previously unavailable digitally

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