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Electric Six

LP "Human Zoo [limited]"

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Label: Metropolis

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Limited edition in ORANGE Vinyl. The concept of the “human zoo” has existed in art and literature for centuries, thus Electric Six recognizes and accepts it is not breaking new conceptual ground by naming its tenth studio album "Human Zoo". It recognizes and accepts that old ground is being broken. Like teeth. From the opening track 'Karate Lips', "Human Zoo" takes the listener immediately into a teenage karate tournament for girls as refereed by Def Leppard. The crunchy guitars hit you in the face like a teenage foot and you immediately remember why you purchased or illegally downloaded this latest Electric Six album. Like many E6 albums, "Human Zoo" does not have one defining sound, rather it is a ampler’s plate of the entire history of rock and roll music. Like Motown…now we are doing Motown. 'Alone With Your Body' is the feel good necrophilia anthem of the summer and it sees the band embracing this oft overlooked section of our hometown’s musical history. From there we ramble into the spaghetti-western marching band good times of 'Gun Rights', the triumphant Disnification of 'I’ve Seen Rio In Flames', and into the absurd hip hop of '(Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone'. Thrown in a few classic rockers in 'I Need A Restaurant' and 'Worst Movie Ever' and you’ve got an E6 album, son! But it’s not an E6 album until the closer is better than the rest of the record combined. The gorgeous, haunting pop of 'The Afterlife' might be the greatest thing the band has ever done. Ever. Okay we said some stuff, told you some song titles, and threw you a few bones. Come on now, buy the record! Who cares about all that other stuff? Have a go, see what happens! Give it a shot!

A1 - Karate Lips, A2 - It’s Horseshit!, A3 - Alone With Your Body, A4 - Satanic Wheels, A5 - Gun Rights, A6 - I’ve Seen Rio In Flames, B1 - (Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone?, B2 - I Need A Restaurant, B3 - Worst Movie Ever, B4 - I’m The Devil, B5 - Good View Of The Violence, B6 - The Afterlife

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