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Youth Code

CD "An Overture: Collection"

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Label: Dais Records

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With the release of ‘An Overture’ and ‘A Place to stand’ and an opening slot on The 18-dates ‘Alliance Tour’ (USA+Canada) with Industrial legends SKINNY PUPPY and VNV NATION, Youth Code are ready to take their place as the torchbearers for a new wave of Industrial Music. In 2013, Youth Code brought their brand of Industrial to audiences all over the US on supporting gigs with AFI, Nothing, The Body, Suicide Commando and a stint at famous SXSW Festival, that had Tucson Weekly call Youth Code the, "Best Surprise of the Festival". Regarding the SXSW performance, The LA Times added, "The band [Youth Code] is a perfect balance of muscular synth drums, white-noise analog pulses and singer Sara Taylor's defiant shrieks. It's harsh stuff, but never less than riveting to watch, and a perfect rebuttal to a festival that looks ever more like a [sic] A-list party than a place to truly hear something new. Thank God Youth Code was there to fix that at the end." This CD collection features their first self titled album, the 4 original songs from the ‘A Place to Stand EP’ and the two cuts for their single on Angry Love Productions.

01. Consuming Guilt, 02. To Burn Your World, 03. For I Am Cursed, 04. A Litany (A Place To Stand), 05. Let The Sky Burn, 06. First & Last, 07. Carried Mask, 08. Destroy Said She, 09. Rest In Piss, 10. What Is The Answer, 11. No Animal Escapes, 12. Distorted Views, 13. Sick Skinned, 14. Wear The Wounds, 15. Tiger’s Remorse, 16. Keep Falling Apart

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