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Young Gods

LP "Second Nature [limited]"

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Label: Rustblade

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Limited Edition Picture Disc Vinyl 180 Gram (499 copies only) + Gatefold Obi. All remastered - High Quality Sound! Re-issue of one of the Best Album by industrial Rock band Young Gods, out of print for ages! Like many other unique creators,Swiss act The Young Gods have never let trends or fashion interfere with their music… Thats why, since 1985, the trio cultivates its own sound, its own rhythm and its own world, that has naturally grown and evolved through the years to become one of the most unpredictable and powerful outlets in the worldwide sonic turmoil. From their early mixes of new wave, stooges-like powertrip and electronic ambient (furiously captured on their 87 debut album), The Young Gods have covered a large scale of yesterday’s and today’s music that incorporates organic sounds from outer space (on “L’Eau rouge”), elements of classical music (on “Play Kurt Weill”) or heavy metal satire (on the amazing “TV Sky” in 92)… A major songwriting talent that reminds us today of such soulful and poetic artists as the Doors, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails or Kraftwerk. In 2000, The Young Gods released one of their most unanticipated and strong albums to date, “Second Nature” (produced by the band itself), an unclassifiable flow of digital and organic emotion showing the band at their highest energy level, pure and simple. Through such strong tracks as “Lucidogen” (the first single), “Attends”, the mindblowing “Supersonic” or “The Sound in your Eyes” and astral journeys as “In the Otherland”, and “Toi du Nonde”, The Young Gods have proven their relevance and their will to push the wall of sounds, forward.

A1 - Lucidogen, A2 - Supersonic, A3 - Laisser Couler (Le Son), A4 - Astronomic, A5 - Attends, B1 - In the Otherland, B2 - Stick Around, B3 - The Sound In Your Eyes, B4 - Toi du Monde

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