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Wayne Hussey

CD "Songs Of Candlelight And Razorblades"

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Label: Eyes Wide Shut

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Wayne Hussey, was playing with various "punk" bands in Liverpool in the late 70s, then later played in Dead or Alive and was finally asked to join legendary The Sisters of Mercy, for whom he wrote a number of songs for the seminal "First & Last & Always" album. Hussey, in a fit of inspired pique, left the Sisters with bassist Craig Adams to form The Mission. The Mission went on to considerable global success in the late 80?s and early 90s, enjoying album sales in excess of four million worldwide with notable works such as "God's Own Medicine" and "Carved In Sand" amongst others and enjoying an unbroken run of 14 UK Top 40 singles! Original members Simon Hinkler, Craig Adams, and Wayne Hussey re-united in late 2011 to celebrate their 25 year anniversary with a sell out tour, and last year they released the brilliant "The Brightest Light" album. In 2008 Wayne released his first solo album "Bare". Now it is time for "Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades", a brand new solo album featuring some of Wayne's best songwriting in recent years!! essential for any fan of this legendary artist!

01. Madam G, 02. Nothing Left Between Us, 03. JK Angel Of Death (1928-2011), 04. Swan Song (Lament), 05. You Are Not Alone, 06. Wasting Away (reprise), 07. The Bouquets & The Bows, 08. Wither On the Vine, 09. No Earthly Cure, 10. 'Til The End Of Time, 11. Devil's Kind, 12. When I Drift Too Far From Shore, 13. Next Station, 14. Aporia

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