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LP "inTRESsant [limited]"

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Label: Dodsdans Rekords

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Dödsdans Rekords proudly presents Tres - intressant Vinyl. After a lot of time and trips made to find some never before available rarities, Dödsdans managed to put together an LP with mixed demos and rarities recorded between the years 1983-1986 by this legendary Swedish Synthpop act. The band consisted of four guys from Landskrona. Anders, Jacob, Lars and Christian. In 1985 came the self released vinyl single “Smile on my face”. It was released in 500 copies but no one knows how many were sold. Much later, when the band split up it became a real cult-single in the minimal synth circuits. Tres’ major influences were Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Yazoo and others. This Vinyl contains 83,33% (10 out of 12 tracks…)previously unreleased material and is strictly limited to 350 copies worldwide ONLY!

A1 - Smile On My Face, A2 - Break Your Body Down, A3 - My Computer, A4 - Rumors, A5 - Fia, A6 - Midnight Express, B1 - Operator, B2 - Japan, B3 - Erotic Dance, B4 - Tonight, B5 - Korean Girl, B6 - Vernissage

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