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The Pain Machinery

LP+MP3 "Restart [limited]"

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Label: CCP

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Limited edition VINYL-ONLY album in 180 gram black Vinyl (with download code), with full printed inner lyric sleeve. Never ones to rest on their laurels, The Pain Machinery present the follow up to the critically acclaimed "Surveillance Culture". "Restart" contains eight exclusive tracks. More potent than ever before, the sound takes influences from classic UK synth punk, Chicago acid house and Belgian hardcore disco, combining them with a futuristic groove. This is music both for the mind and for the (darkest) dancefloors. The Pain Machinery deploy classic hardware as well as dysfunctional budget gear and scrap metal to produce their trademark hard rhythmic machine funk. This time, additional vocals come courtesy of Robert Lane of hotly tipped EBM sex beat operatives //TENSE//. "There will be Blood" is laced with Robert's psychotic howls on a bed of throbbing industrial-strength acid house.

A1 - Liquid Silver, A2 - Kick, A3 - Outside, A4 - Wired, B1 - Running Red, B2 - There Will Be Blood, B3 - Damage, B4 - Like Ice

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