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CD "Only Ruins Remain"

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Label: Hands

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In Hands Paper Pack. With its fourth album, SYNTECH (now working as a duo) follow the tradition of never sounding the same twice, yet always retaining the core element of the Syntech sound, the tribal rhythm. “Only Ruins Remain” is by comparison the most gentle and introvert release yet, offering atmospheric downbeat tracks next to the club-compatible ones that are of course still to be found. Musically refined and with a warm and organic sound, “Only Ruins Remain” echoes the rhythm of the ritual and adds another attractive progression to the Syntech discography. Having long emancipated Syntech from the Greyhound sound, this is a bold step into a territory of its own, music in the grey area between genres and styles, yet irresistibly emotive and appealing, music to find comfort in when only ruins remain.

01. Spindrift, 02. Only Ruins Remain, 03. No Sunlight, 04. Deceptive Silence, 05. Drive Hunt, 06. Electric Hellfire, 07. Salvager, 08. For How Long, 09. Ignorance, 10. Mutations, 11. Panic, 12. Mirrors, 13. Harvest Season, 14. Prospector

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