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Surveillance [Assemblage 23]

CD "Oceania Remixed [limited]"

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Label: Razgrom

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Limited edition of strictly 500 hand-numbered copies – Audioglobe gets 60 copies ONLY! If you interest in modern electrol, you MUST have come across the name of American musician Tom Shear – his main project ASSEMBLAGE 23 is considered to be one of the classic “big four” in future-pop (with VNV NATION, APOPTYGMA BERZERK and COVENANT), and through many extremely successful album and ep releases he has become one of the most recognizable and popular artists in the electro scene. However, Tom decided to take a little time-out for A23, and decided to start working on a totally different musical project: SURVEILLANCE, whose debut album «Oceania» was released in February 2014. As SURVEILLANCE Tom releases slightly more aggressive and experimental material, that very much reminds though of the earlier sound of ASSEMBLAGE 23. To follow up on the surprising success of «Oceania» Tom compiled a complete 14 tracks remix album, featuring adaptions, modulations, remixes of the best SURVEILLANCE tracks by big names of the scene, such as VELVET ACID CHRIST, ROTERSAND, MIND.IN.A.BOX, CRYO, AAIMON, PARRALOX and many more! Until now available on digital platforms only, Tom appointed Razgom music to released this Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide. "Oceania Remixed - Physical Version" comes in completely different artwork and the tracklist also contains two additional remixes, ONLY available on this CD by CRYO & AMNISTIA! Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies!

01. Thoughtcrime [CRYO rmx], 02. Corridor [INTERFACE rmx], 03. Voyeur [AMNISTIA modification], 04. Rise [AESTHETIC PERFECTION rmx], 05. Husk [VELVET ACID CHRIST rmx], 06. I Was There [ANGELTHEORY rmx], 07. Corridor [mind.in.a.box rmx], 08. Panic [Rough rmx by BLITZMASCHINE], 09. Homeland Security [iVardensphere rmx], 10. Belief [ROTERSAND rmx], 11. Husk [AAIMON rmx], 12. Rise [PARRALOX rmx], 13. Panic [Paranoid rmx by iamdrugs], 14. I Was There [No Show rmx by Microfilm]

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