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Steve Roach / Jorge Reyes

CD "The Ancestor Circle"

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Label: Projekt

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Conjuring images of a primal futurism, this alchemical blending-of-sound is a ceremonial offering to the forgotten gods. Roach created this all new tribal-ambient-electronic collaboration from material recorded before Reyes' death in 2009. The sound of The Ancestor Circle rises up from the dark-night-of-the-soul to embrace life. An ancient voice chants in serpentine ecstasy only to subside and hover next to a slow drone of eternal time drawn from electronics, percussion, prehispanic flutes, ocarinas, and other acoustic instruments. Roach & Reyes are still here bringing us messages from the infinite.

01. The Circle Opens, 02. Memories Unsuspended, 03. Espacio Escultorico, 04. Spirit, Stone And Bone, 05. Procession Of Ancestors, 06. Temple Of Dust

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