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Skinny Puppy

LP "Mythmaker [limited]"

Artikel-Nr.: 03984512
Label: Metropolis

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Limited Vinyl in GATEFOLD sleeve! After the release of 2004’s Greater Wrong of the Right, Skinny Puppy returned in 2007 with ‘Mythmaker’, which was hailed by some as the band’s most ambitious record. As dark, beautiful, twisted and angry as always, ‘Mythmake’r takes the listener on a roller coaster ride through Ogre &cEvin’s twisted musical worlds. From the atmospheric “Haze”, the stomping “Pedafly” the group gets darker, experimental with “Politikil,” and “Ambiantz” to the uptempoed closer “Ugli.” Metropolis Records is proud to release a newly remastered version of Mythmaker for the first time on heavy Vinyl in deluxe gatefold-sleeve with paper-strip.

A1 - Magnifishit, A2 - Dal, A3 - Haze, A4 - Pedafly, A5 - Jaher, B1 - Politikil, B2 - Lestiduz, B3 - Pasturn, B4 - Ambiantz, B5 - Ugli

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