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Paul Kendall

7" "Family Value Pack"

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Label: AntZen

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PAUL KENDALL is an engineer, mixer and sonic producer who has contributed to a number of iconic releases by artists such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, Pankow, Recoil, Renegade Soundwave, Wire.. He worked for many years for Daniel Miller's MUTE records and during this period curated an experimental electronic label, Parallel Series. This album on Ant-Zen is a precursor to the coming solo exhibition via 'live' performance. The seven compositions transport the artistic spirit of the british avant-garde heard in projects like Dome / Wire and very early Clock DVA towards the end of the seventies when a specific splinter group of the punk movement was exploring the length, width and depth of musical freedom / expression. On 'Family Value Pack' Paul is focused on the human voice, his own voice as well as samples of family members and a secret celebrity. Except for track one, with its pushing technoid beats and horn-supplied art punk approach, this release offers collagistic, structurally unorthodox and abstract atmospheric sound spheres chimed with dark ambience - contemporary musique concrète orbiting between warmth and chill. This album may not set the charts on fire, but it contains an amazing aural experience.

01. Scuba Dis Dat, 02. Water. It Must Be, 03. It's Ok, 04. Family Value, 05. Ex.Posed, 06. There Min Major, 07. Uninterrupted Monday

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