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Nine Seconds

CD "Nothing To Confess"

Artikel-Nr.: 02975610
Label: Space Race Records

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Pure electro/EBM/techno-force and a sonic document of how modern electronics must sound! Among the 13 tracks we notably also find 3 creations born by collaborations between Nine Seconds and Cryo, Mind.In.A.Box & Leather Strip, that add further value to this wonderful full-length that will impose you the peremptory order of "non-stop dancing!"

01. Attractive Lies, 02. Antistar Machinery, 03. Borderland (2nd Attempt), 04. Pompeii, 05. Waiting For The Last Kiss, 06. Malfunction 09, 07. The Forgotten Man, 08. No Shut Eye ( Fight Back mix ), 09. No Shuffle, 10. Planet On Fire, 11. Waiting For The Last Kiss (Nine Seconds vs Cryo - Club Mix), 12. Attractive Lies (Nine Seconds vs Mind.In.A.Box), 13. Antistar Machinery (Nine Seconds vs Leaether Strip)

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