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LP+MP3 "Night Run [limited ORANGE]"

Artikel-Nr.: 02816332
Label: Artoffact Records

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Limited edition of STRICTLY 100 copies ONLY in ORANGE VINYL, including MP3 download code for the entire album! ‘Night Run’, the vinyl companion to POLYGON, evokes a perpetual motion while providing a comprehensive side to the techno elements of Polygon. The tracks here explore what it might be like if our enclosures were truly limitless, and the music is therefore more open and wild, bursting with life! "Night Run" is released on 12" vinyl and comes on black vinyl (200 copies) or collector's orange (100 copies). "An intergalactic mind/body, out-of-mind/body, spacecraft ready to depart from planetary audio devices." Glen Hall, avant-garde jazz musician / Exclaim! Magazine

A1 - POLYGON 2, A2 - NIGHT RUN, A3 - STRICT DRESS CODE ¬ vinyl mix, A4 - OSC-B, B1 - FLASH, B2 - SDK, B3 - ROCKET

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