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CD "Here And The Hereafter [limited]"

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Label: Projekt

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Limited edition of 300 CD in 4 panel ecoWallet with 8-page lyric poster! The third ethereal/darkwave foray from Mirabilis featuring Dru Allen and Summer Bowman, two of the genre’s most-celebrated vocalists. As Mirabilis, these women go beyond the rock-hued sounds of their respective bands (This Ascension/Mercury's Antennae and The Machine in the Garden) to create beautiful, vocal-centered originals alongside reinterpreted pieces ranging from medieval to pop. llen and Bowman weave their signature heavenly voices into a lush bed of dream-like harmonies amidst understated electronics, acoustic instruments, and majestic percussive elements.

01. Hara, 02. The City, 03. Le Sorbier de l'Oural, 04. Here And Hereafter, 05. By The Waters Of Babylon, 06. Can She Excuse My Wrongs, 07. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, 08. Sanctuary Of Mind, 09. Today Is The Day, 10. Da Znae Moma, 11. O Care Thou Wilt Dispatch Me, 12. Beneath The Continuum, 13. Takeda No Komoriuta, 14. Permafrost, 15. Sanctuary Of Mind (Sleepthief Remix), 16. Permafrost (Tundra Mix)

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