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Another legend from beyond the grave. Megaptera were (or are?) an infamous death industrial unit from Sweden, led by Peter Nyström - also known as Negru Voda. Disbanded in 1999, Megaptera only left their cult legacy and some post-mortem re-releases, but now they have gathered some like-minded artists to support the recording of 2 brand new tracks and 2 remixes, featured on this fine piece of vinyl (incl. download code!) 37 mins of darkness: 'Second recovering' is an all new track, a hellish brew of distorted samples, martial percussion, and ritual wind instruments. Texas Death industrial act Steel Hook Prostheses remix the classic track 'Hypnotic fear', adding a contemporary sonic quality while leaving intact the bleak monotony and abject horror of the original. 'Re-recover' is built from similar elements as 'Second Recovering', with a result that is more ample, solemn and mysterious. And finally, Peter Nyström himself remixes another classic: 'Kingdom of Death' a sickening audio document about serial murder, thick, claustrophobic atmospheres and samples that reveal the disturbing matter. Megaptera appear as strong as ever; purveyors of true darkness, undisputed masters of their craft, and a real treat for genre aficionados!

A1 - Second Recovering (feat. Robert C. Kozletsky), A2 - Hypnotic Fear (shp-remix), B1 - Re-Recover (feat. Kristoffer Oustad)

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