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Lord Of The Lost

12" "Six Feed Underground [limited]"

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Label: Out of Line

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Hamburg-based Dark-Metal band Lord Of The Lost releases the third single from this year's top-20-album “From The Flame Into The Fire”: just in time for the extensive German tour in autumn, “Six Feet Underground” is released on a lavish picture vinyl, limited to 499 copies and as a digital download. The title track perfectly showcases the many versatile sides of Lord Of The Lost. Intro and verse have harsh guitars meeting thudding Electronica and a Club-compatible beat, while front man Chris Harms juggles with the many facets of his charismatic voice, easily moving from deep, spine-tingling singing to death grunts and demonic Black-Metal-style screams. In a constant balancing act between dark atmosphere and pumping aggression, the song culminates in an anthemic chorus that will prove earworm-worthy even to those who have not been initiated into the wild world of Metal. The single includes the album version of “Six Feet Underground” plus two exclusive remixes. With the first mix, German Electro-band CHROM proves that the song also works perfectly well as a Synth-Pop-anthem, by creating a top notch floor filler. Death Valley high transform the song into an Industrial-Metal-Electro-Crossover-inferno that lashes out like a force of nature. After this, Lord Of The Lost are rounding the single off with two exclusive B-side songs. The rather unusual and brutal “Trisma” effectively proves that the lads always have another surprise up their collective sleeves, merging ultra-heavy guitar work with Industrial-elements and something that sounds like flutes from the Disco-era to a juggernaut of a song that just devastates anything that stands in its way. “Built To Break” sees the single ending in a powerful Gothic-Metal-showpiece that plays out all of the group's prowess. “Six Feet Underground” is another highlight from a band that no one into dark Rock or Metal can afford to pass by, these days.

A1 - Six Feet Underground (Album Version), A2 - Six Feet Underground (Chrom Remix), A3 - 666 Feet Underground (Remix By Death Valley High), B1 - Trisma, B2 - Built To Break

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