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DCD "Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends [limited]"

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Label: Nile

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The all new album by Australia’s finest export IKON was announced for long, but had to be postponed several times, due to Chris McCarter falling seriously ill… This is the first, Limited edition, coming as double-CD in specially designed foldout reverse board packaging, with black foil. It contains the new 12 tracks album and a bonus CD of 12 demos.

CD1: 01. The End Shall Come, 02. Rise And Fall, 03. Blood Of Love, 04. The Cruel, 05. Symbols Of Tomorrow, 06. Misfortune, 07. Rising Sun, 08. Once Upon A Time, 09. Stolen, 10. I Burn For You, 11. Black Noise, 12. The Last Song, CD2 (Home Demos 2011-2013): 01. Rise And Fall (Instrumental), 02. The Explorer, 03. Blood Of Love, 04. I Burn For You, 05. Rising Sun, 06. Predator, 07. Sometimes I Hear Voices, 08. Misfortune, 09. The Last Song (Acoustic Demo), 10. Desolation, 11. The Cruel, 12. Voyager

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