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DCD "Best Of"

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Hypnosis (sometimes also spelled Hipnosis) was a successful Italian techno-disco band in the early '80s, born in Parma, founded by Stefano Cundari. It featured – amongst others – also Paul Sears (later Kirlian Camera) and from the beginning of the year 1982 Angelo Bergamini, also Kirlian Camera joined the band. Cundari had the idea of covering the song "Pulstar" by Vangelis. Hypnosis in a short time became one of the most successful Italo disco bands in history and their biggest ‘Pulstar’ sold over one million (1’000’000!!!) copies worldwide and even made it into the Top 10 in Germany and enterted the chartes in countless other countries in Europe and around the world. In the ensuing period all of the original members left the project and Bergamini turned down the proposition to stay as a composer and musician of the new line-up and decided to leave the sixty date world tour to concentrate on Kirlian Camera. At the same time as Hipnosis was developing, Paul Sears officially joined Kirlian Camera's new line-up. In 1987 Cundari released another 7"/12" ("Droid") under the Hipnosis banner. Soon after he passed away. At this point the official Hipnosis-Story ends. In 1991 a CD anthology entitled "Hypnosis" was released. In 1992 a certain Humphrey Robertson released a single and an album for ZYX Records under the name Hypnosis. On both releases the font-logo which can be seen on the "Hypnosis"-CD was used – it was obvious that the label tried to re-animate Hypnosis with other musicians. The last sign of life of this replica was another 12" record in 1994. In 2006 Angelo Bergamini recorded the Song "Kaczynski Code" for the Kirlian Camera album "Coroner's Sun" under the name Hipnosis Italy. This new ‘Best of’ by Hypnosis contains ALL their 80s hits: First of all the legendary ‘Pulstar’ (1983), but also the singles ‘Oxygene’ (1983), ‘Argonauts’ (1984), ‘Droid’ (1987) and many more. A CLASSIC release for all Italo Disco and Space Synth fans!

CD1: 01. Droid, 02. Inesi, 03. Windland, 04. Argonauts, 05. Pulstar, 06. Bormaz, 07. Astrodance, 08. Space Crusaders, 09. Oxygene, 10. Theme For New Year, 11. Automatic Piano, CD2: 01. Lost Memories, 02. Space Wars, 03. Planet To Planet, 04. Lost In Space, 05. Battle Of Time, 06. Wave Runner, 07. Last Fight, 08. Vocoder Dream, 09. Lost In Space (Remix), 10. Wave Runner (dub)

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