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Front Line Assembly

2LP+MP3 "Improvised Electronic Device [limited WHITE]"

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Label: Artoffact Records

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Double-LP in heavy Deluxe Gatefold-sleeve, limited Edition of 100 copies in White Vinyl, includes 7 bonus-Tracks + Download code! "Improvised. Electronic. Device." is released as a special edition double-LP vinyl with download code. IED on double-vinyl LP includes two bonus tracks, never before released in physical format: ‘Day of Violence’ and ‘Attack the Masses’. As an added bonus, tracks from the Angriff EP, including remixes by Project Pitchfork, Skold, and mind.in.a.box appear on the vinyl. Over the years, Front Line Assembly has become heralded as one of the godfathers of industrial music. Their 1992 album, Tactical Neural Implant is still considered the best of the best in the genre. Although the band has seen many line-up changes, Bill Leeb remains the constant force behind FLA. On Improvised. Electronic. Device, FLA demonstrates that they have not lost their edge over the past three decades. And as if Front Line Assembly’s legacy and namesake alone weren’t enough for the album, Al Jourgensen from Ministry contributes his vocals to “Stupidity.”

A1 - I.E.D., A2 - Angriff, A3 - Hostage, A4 - Release, B1 - Shifting Through The Lens, B2 - Laws Of Deception, B3 - Pressure Wave, B4 - Afterlife, B5 - Stupidity, C1 - Downfall, C2 - Day Of Violence, C3 - Attack The Masses, C4 - Angriff (Project Pitchfork Mix), D1 - Angriff (Radioactive Mix), D2 - Der Angriff (Skold Mix), D3 - Freakuency, D4 - Angriff (Mind.In.A.Box Mix)

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