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LP "Landlieder & Frömdländler [limited]"

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Label: Auerbach

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Limited super deluxe Gatefold-Vinyl (180g, black vinyl), including Poster and PVC protection Sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies! After two albums ("Urbärglieder" from 2010 and "Heiwehland" from 2011) as well as an EP ("Uufwärts e d'Föuse", 2010), "Landlieder & Frömdländler" is already the fourth record by Fräkmündt and marks their debut on Auerbach Tonträger. With this effort, the group, which took its name from an old term for the fabled Mount Pilatus near Lucerne, stays true to its self-created genre "Swiss Ur-Folk". Fräkmündt, a band that since its inception ranks Anna Murphy (Eluveitie) amongst its regular members, perceive this as a unique mixture between new interpretations of traditional Swiss folk songs, indvidual compositions and tunes inspired by myths and legends from Central Switzerland, all of which are sung in authentic Swiss German as it is typical of the region. With this, the musicians skilfully balance serious content and subtle humour, which makes their music compelling and tinged with Swiss local colour like no other.

01. Ofem Hoger on em See, 02. Klarydä, 03. PfaffechäIleri, 04. Draachestei, 05. Gämsjäger, 06. D'Wandeler Prophezeyig, 07. Fontannegsecht, 08. Zoge am Boge, 09. Luegid vo Bärg ond Tal, 10. D'Züüsler, 11. S'Totescheff am Börgestock, 12. Simelibärg, 13. Wieso semmer eso?

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