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CD "Dataseed [Re-release]"

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Label: Wax Trax II

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Re-release of the 2nd album on Accession (2001) including 1 different version of track 1 + 2 exlusive bonus-tracks, different from the original German edition. Musically this release can be described as an amalgamation of powerful beats, mind warping programming and intellectually driven lyrics. dataseed is a brilliant record from start to finish. This release also features a guest appearance from Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant and HMB) and the North American version features new artwork that was conceived and designed by the members of cut.rate.box. Also this version features US-exclusive mixes from STROMKERN and DJ Tony Estrada as well an alternate version of "Thin Ice" called "Thin Air" and the Assemblage23 remix of "Zionsank." This is truly a progression to another dimension.

01. Thin Air, 02. Ego, 03. Synthetic, 04. Brittle, 05. Radical (Saint Blaze), 06. Zionsank v1, 07. Enigma, 08. Leave This World, 09. Dataseed, 10. Zionsank (Assemblage 23 remix), 11. Brittle (Stromkern remix), 12. Enigma (DJ Tony Estrada remix)

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