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Controlled Fusion [In Strict Confidence]

CD "Patient Zero"

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Label: Wax Trax II

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FINALLY available again: The joint project between Dennis Osterman (In Strict Confidence) & Steffen Schuhrke, that combines driving beats, programming wizardry & abrasive vocals to perfection. Formed in 1995, Controlled Fusion has been paving the way to a new form of underground music. With roots grounded in the 80's, Controlled Fusion has worked hard at creating a perfect "fusion" between the sounds of yesteryear & the progressions of the new millennium. If this is any indication of things to come, then Controlled Fusion is well on their way to bridging the gap between generations & setting a new standard for things to come in the not so distant future. "Patient Zero" was Controlled Fusions’ third album (Bloodline) after two previous – long deleted – albums on Zoth Ommog and Cleopatra. The album features guest vocals from Fabricio Viscardi (then Aghast View, now Aesthetische). A must have for the true fan of the electro underground. 10 tracks, 70:17 mins.

01. War, 02. Follow Me, 03. Light Me Up, 04. Drug Fall, 05. Galaxy Constellation, 06. Hit That Perfect Beat, 07. My Vision, 08. Absent, 09. Psychological Way, 10. Steel Town

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