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Cetu Javu

CD "Southern Lands"

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Label: Silverstar

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CETU JAVU were a German Electro-band from Hanover, founded by Christian Demere (of Spanish origins) and the 2 Engelke brothers in 1984 and split in 1994. The band landed a string of hit-singles between 1987 and 1990 and especially ‘Situations’, licensed in many countries around the planet, left an important impact on the Electro-scene. I personally remember the guys from German electro act CAMOUFLAGE, who landed a major hit with ‘The Great Commandment’ in 1988 and who were bitterly complaining with their management, that during a promotion trip to the US the only European act that was constantly on US Radios were CETU JAVU with their ‘Situations’ ;-) CETU JAVU self-released two singles in 1987, followed by various singles on Galaxis/Zyx. The only full-length album ‘Southern Lands’ (originally released in 1990) featured not less than 5 singles: ‘Situations’, ‘Have in Mind’, ‘So strange’ (originally on Talla 2XLC’s Technodrom International label!), ‘Adonde’ and ‘Get it’ + a number of other strong tracks. A classic of 80s Electropop – now available again!

01. Southern Lands, 02. Love Me, 03. Oye, 04. Words Without Thoughts, 05. So Strange, 06. Get It, 07. Situations, 08. Bad Dreams, 09. Have In Mind, 10. Quien Lo Sabia?, 11. Fight Without A Reason, 12. Adonde

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