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Birthday Massacre, The

LP "Superstition [limited]"

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Label: Metropolis

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The album is everything that you would expect of The Birthday Massacre, and so much more. As the band gets further along on its artistic journey, they are putting a fine point on all of the unique qualities that we have all come to expect from The Birthday Massacre. The band has progressed and matured, developing its musical style into a finely honed signature sound. Superstition is elements of band’s entire career up until this point, from the sounds of ‘Nothing And Nowhere’, ‘Violet’, all the way through to ‘Hide And Seek’ fully realized. The album feels cinematic in approach, with the first trio of songs, ‘Divide’, ‘Diaries’ and the title track seeming to set the thematic scene before ‘Destroyer’, with it’s driving rhythms burns it all down. In the wake of all of this, ‘Surrender’ gives the listener a brief moment of quiet, just breaths in the silence, before launching into perhaps one of the album’s most personal sounding, intimate tracks. Chibi’s vocals have always been an instrument integral to the sound of The Birthday Massacre, but never has it been more apparent than in ‘Surrender’. As she seems to invite you further into their world the bouncing, uptempo, ‘Oceana’ and the dramatic ‘Rain’ highlight all the elements of what make The Birthday Massacre such a unique band. Rainbow and Falcore’s songwriting are in top form, as the duo uses the band’s signature elements to masterfully create emotional gravity within the songs. This is especially evident in ‘Beyond’, as the heavy guitar work and solos interplay with the lighter atmospherics of the keyboards and electronic elements, as well as in ‘The Other Side’, as the bass guitar and crunching drop-tuned guitars shine. All in all, ‘Superstition’ is the finest album The Birthday Massacre has recorded to date.

A1 - Divide, A2 - Diaries, A3 - Superstition, A4 - Destroyer, A5 - Surrender, B1 - Oceania, B2 - Rain, B3 - Beyond, B4 - The Other Side, B5 -Trinity

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