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CD "Progressive Body Music"

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BHAMBHAMHARA is the name of a brand-new project of Jan Bicker and Axel Ermes. Both sound tinkerers became acquainted in 2012 during a silence retreat, both in search of new experiences off the dulling propaganda of mass media. They quickly decided to produce together intelligent and straight electronic dance music. While Jan was already working on pure electronics as a co-founder of the German cult formation ABSCESS, Axel stayed long time as a bass player in the dark post punk and gothic scene (CANCER BARRACK & GIRLS UNDER GLASS). He also operated in his studio as a composer for WOLFSHEIM where he could work on his predilection for melancholy melodies and cultivated Synthiepop. When he worked behind the mixing desk for bands like [:SITD:], COMBICHRIST, PROJECT PITCHFORK, FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY and many others he also fell in love with danceable hard electronics. Musically ‘Progressive Body Music’ offers just exactly this: progressive body music, a mix suited for clubs from EBM, Electro, Synth Pop and Dance. Fresh tunes for the clubs, cynical lyrics for the head. PROGRESSIVE BODY MUSIC is a round and diverse debut album which contains on almost 70 minutes clubby, danceable masterpieces and intelligent electro-hymns.

01. Kreislauf, 02. Wir feiern, 03. Das Ziel, 04. Positiv, 05. Cest pas vrai, 06. Nur für euch, 07. Gebet, 08. Your Eyes, 09. Scripted Reality, 10. Gottes Zorn, 11. Anchorman, 12. Wir feiern (club mix), 13. Das Ziel (club mix)

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