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Agent Side Grinder

12" "This Is Us [limited]"

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Label: Progress Productions

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Progress Productions are EXTREMLY proud to present the signing of one of their (and many people’s…) all time favorite acts: AGENT SIDE GRINDER. This five man strong Stockholm based act has over the years build a HUGE following all over Europe with long extended tours all over. And they even won the price for "Best Synth"-album at the Swedish Manifest-awards for their last fullenght "Hardware". The first release with ASG on Progress is a limited edition 12" vinyl and is a dark melodic industrial pop track. Besides the original version there are remixes from Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, Destroid and more) and Red Idiot (I’m From Barcelona) included. And as a bonus we find the track "Beloved Fool", an exclusive collaboration with another Progress Productions act: Kite. The EP is limited to only 300 copies worldwide!!!

A1 - This Is Us, A2 - Beloved Fool (feat. KITE), B1 - This Is Us (Daniel Myer Remix), B2 - This Is Us (Red Idiot Remix)

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