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16Pad Noise Terrorist

CD "Zeit [first ltd.edition]"

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Label: Hands

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In Hands Paper Pack. The limited first edition includes a 3-D glass with hands-stamped 16pad logo. Presented in a remarkable 3D-print cover designed by Nicola Bork, this album musically stands out as cutting-edge modern, suited for inducing twitches in the dance floor crowd as well as splitting the listener’s brains proper in due time. Time passes in moments – and Candy dedicates his 3rd album to the lapse of time, significantly boosting the harder aspects of the 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST sound, oscillating between harder drum’n’bass, drumstep and hard-hitt ng crossbreed style. Again mastered by DJ Hidden, featuring a remix for veteran performer Cristian Vogel and a collaboration track with Lynn aka Enduser, “Zeit” features the input of prolific guests. After the first two 16PNT albums dealt with the subject matter of utopia/dystopia, “Zeit” is inspired by the occupation with transience. Coherently, the sound appears more direct, grounded, and very much in the here and now. With “Zeit”, Candy has created an authentic tribute to the lapse of time, an appeal to make the best of it – and a highly entertaining album of broken beats along with that.

01. Fright Night Overdrive, 02. Angst, 03. Winter-Z, 04. Christian Vogel – Deepwater (16PAD Remix), 05. Boomchuck, 06. Delynch, 07. Zeit (interlude), 08. Before After, 09. Musik, 10. Time Slot, 11. I Am A Machine, 12. Moments, 13. Endwerk (with Enduser)

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