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DCD "The Collection"

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Pioneers of electro dance music and purveyors of sad songs for techies, Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke (ex-Depeche Mode, pre-Erasure), collectively YAZO O, existed for 18 months only and changed the Acceptable face of pop music. This collection combines all of their hits like "Only You", "Don't Go", "Situation", "Nobody's Diary", "Ode To Boy" and many more with 12-inch singles and definitive dance remixes to celebrate their 30th anniversary in floor-filling style!

CD1: 01. Only You, 02. Situation, 03. Don't Go, 04. Nobody's Diary, 05. The Other Side Of Love, 06. Didn't I Bring Your Love Down, 07. Happy People, 08. Bad Connection, 09. Good Times, 10. Mr. Blue, 11. Ode To Boy, 12. Tuesday, 13. Too Pieces, 14. Goodbye 70s, 15. Situation (US 123 Mix), 16. Only You (1990), CD2: 01. Situation (Hercules and Love Affair Remix), 02. The Other Side Of Love (remixed extended Version), 03. Sweet Thing, 04. Softly Over, 05. Winter Kills, 06. Anyone, 07. Midnight, 08. Nobody's Diary (Extended), 09. State Farm, 10. Unmarked, 11. Walk Away From Love, 12. Ode To Boy (Das Shadow Re-Work), 13. Don't Go (Todd Terry Freeze Mix), 14. Goodbye 70s (Black Light Odyssey Remix), 15. Winter Kills (Electronic Periodic's Sub/Piano Remix), 16. Situation (Original US Dub Mix)

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