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CD "Core"

Artikel-Nr.: 05355480
label: Gan-shin Records

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ZORO is a colorful, ambitious Oshare Kei band, with fast pace music and impressive synthesizers! Even though ZORO has been compared several times to other Oshare Kei Bands like An Café, ZORO sounds unique by turning their sound into a bizarre direction sometimes! Beside that, the impressive voice of frontman Ryuuj will gain a lot of attention as well. CORE is the first European album release, including two exclusive bonus-tracks!

01. Kung-fu dance, 02. Digo, 03. Senkou, 04. Dansoon, 05. NANA, 06. Water inside, 07. Dizzy TRICK, 08. Spankingnoiz//100v.9MHz=DM?JURIAN.cot, 09. Highmusic, 10. Bitter Orange, 11. F.O.G, 12. KID, Bonus Tracks: 13, pink, 14. warp

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