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Zombie Girl

EP-CD "Back from the dead"

Artikel-Nr.: 05350280
label: Alfa Matrix

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is the new exciting and terrific band of notorious Sebastian R. Komor (ICON OF COIL, BRUDERSCHAFT, MOONITOR, MONOFADER, MUSCLE AND HATE) with his wife Renee Cooper-Komor as the alluring and bewitching vocalist. With two solid compilation appearances reaching astronomical dance club heights, We are the ones on Advanced Electronics 4 (SPV) and I want it on Cyberl@b 5 (Alfa Matrix), the duo instantly became one of the most in demand acts amongst the club community across the globe. Their zombie-fying mystical magnetism had already started operating and delivering its freaking results at ZOMBIE GIRL's first live shows. Performances punctuated by the band release of unbelievable power and bloodfest gore to stick to the brains of the unsuspecting fans for years to come. The Dead are, no kidding, really walking amongst us! Musically, ZOMBI GIRL can be described as over the top pumping and grooving electronic dancefloor music led by tremendously sexy and captivating female vocals of Renee Cooper-Komor. With a touch

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