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Zero Defects

MCD "Duracell"

Artikel-Nr.: 05332640
label: Infacted Recordings

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After having announced part 14 (KONZEPT) of Infacted’s ‘classic’ series, the label now confirmed the ‘missing’ part 13, that will feature ZERO DEFECTS, short living German EBM stars, that had a very strong impact on the 90ies EBM-scene though with their massive hit “Duracell”, released in 1994 as ‘Durability’ CDS. The band released two albums and two Eps on Zoth Ommog from 1994 to 1997 and then disappeared. This release features lots of rarities.

01. Duracell, 02. Braindead, 03. Steam Engine, 04. End of, 05. Clone Breeder, 06. Firefly, 07. Hostages, 08. Clean Slate, 09. Schwätzer, 10. Träum Dich, 11. Duracell (Titanium Mix), 12. Duracell (Titanium Dub Mix), 13. Planet Alert

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