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Young Gods

CD "Everybody knows"

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label: Two Gentleman

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There is the intro, "Sirius Business". The aim is clear, highly cosmic but never presumptuous. Aerial samples gobbled up by waves of saturated riffs, a few moving seconds to, yet again, glide into the doors of perfection. Welcome to the heart of "Everybody Knows", the new Young Gods album. This is a band that has never ceased to conceive soundtracks for the great unknown, ballads for outer worlds. There is that voice that rises endlessly like a summer sun over the jungle, vibrating to the sound of some newly discovered ancient music, drinking straight from the fountains of psychedelic rock and the rivers of ambient electronics... The song is called "Blooming". It is as direct and inspiring as the tracks that have marked the history of rock and pop in the last five decades. And this is only a warm-up. The monumental "No Land's Man" comes in right on its tail, dancing like a panther lost under the lights of San Francisco's Matrix club. As 1968 makes way for 2010, a new era is upon us.

01. Sirius Business, 02. Blooming, 03. No Land’s Man, 04. Mister Sunshine, 05. Miles Away, 06. Two To Tango, 07. Introducing, 08. Tenter Le Grillage, 09. Aux Anges, 10. Once Again

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