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CD "Destination Oblivion"

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The all new album by YENDRI features 15 new songs and comes in a nice superjewel-Box with 12 pages booklet. Produced by Yendri/Nina Maya in 2009. Yendri is a dark electro project based in Hamburg, Germany and has released 8 albums so far ? 4 on Trisol and 4 on Mental Ulcer Forges, the label founded and run by Rudy R./:Wumpscut:. The only member is Nina. Also known as the Dark Princess of Unconventional Sounds, Yendri offers a wide range of styles in the genre of dark electronic music, so you will love her music if you don't want to listen to the same old stuff all over again. One of the styles is something that could be called "Goth House", keeping it cold & dark without loosing the funk and soul, if you need a genre for that. Most songs are produced without any target genre in mind so be warned, there will always be some surprises. Or as Yendri herself smartly writes on her Myspace pace: ?Not like NIN, not like Depeche Mode, not like VNV Nation, not like Wumpscut, not like Combichrist, not even like Bj?rk... hm, maybe just a little bit, not really like Covenant, not like Aphex Twin? Just a very futile attempt to be creative here!?

01. Me machine, 02. Can?t let go, 03. Coolness is superior, 04. I?m an angel, 05. Circles, 06. Postal or suicide, 07. Ambitionless, 08. Buried inside, 09. Dead, 10. Soulofamachine, 11. Juliet, 12. Living in oblivion, 13. So shall it be, 14. L0, 15. Why are you so happy?

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