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Yen Pox

DCD "Blood Music"

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label: Tesco

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15 years after its original release, and out of print for almost as long, Yen Pox? Blood Music has finally been re-issued. Regarded by? many as a benchmark recording within the realm of dark ambient music,? this deluxe 2CD edition contains a completely re-mastered and remixed? version of Blood Music plus a previously unreleased track on disc 1,? as well as the first cassette and various compilation and 7? releases? on disc 2. Combined, the discs offer well over two hours of colossal,? mind bending atmospherics of the highest order, the sounds radiating? outwards into a sprawling horizon of sulfur dark skies, then? descending into a relentless maelstrom of shifting textures, treacherous reverberations, and endless, sinister drift.Packaged in a luxurious 8 panel DVDdigipak, with completely new design by Andre Coelho (Sektor 304), this is the perfect marriage of both? music and packaging, and will further solidify Blood Music?s status as? one of the all time classic dark ambient releases.

"Disc One: Infinite Domain, Twilight Eternal, Purgatorio, Descent, Illuminate, Absolute Zero, Beneath the Sun (previously unreleased) Disc Two: ?From 1993 self titled cassette: Dervish, Suction, Head Shot, Thin-Empty, Virus ?From Hollow Earth 7? on Cohort Records: Hollow Earth ?From 1997 Release Your Mind Vol. 2 V/A CD on Release Records: Summer Skin"

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