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CD "Icolation"

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label: Minuswelt

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After the phenomenal success of ECLOSION, here now the all new full-length album! The album 'icolation' is the conceptional continuation of the infernal 'Trinity'- journey combining hot sins and cold fever, harsh rhythmics and bittersweet melodic patterns. It`s the pulse of anger, the panting will to survive and a symphony of the mankind in a purgatory. yelworC`s unconventional dark electro connects gothic and industrial style in a masterly perfection. First of all the album is published in an effortful digipak with a 24-page booklet, designed by the famous Viennese artist Joachim Luetke. The album is mulitlayeredly arranged with electrosounds and thus forms a perfect symbiosis out of imaginatively enchanting atmospheres and pitch-blackly cryptic messages. Infectious melodies, gripping and driving rhythms, atmospheric soundscapes, extravagant movie samples, bizarre guitars and voice effects, and the yelworC typical gloomy vocals release dark energies. on some tracks yelworC is supported by Connie

01. Lord of the Three, 02. In the Purgatory, 03. Without Remorse, 04. Icolation, 05. Lost Futile, 06. Phantoms of Conscience, 07. Inner Monologue, 08. Ecce Mundo, 09. Personal Hell, 10. The Bells of Waiting, 11. Dark Thorn_Version 2, 12. The Shrine of Illusion_Version 2, 13. Masks Off!, 14. Purple Blood, 15. Reason Aad Refusal, 16. Essence Awake!, 17. Secret`s Trace

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